Dubrovnik Summer Festival - A glorious website for a magnificent arts festival

Dubrovnik Summer Festival!

For more than a decade, Perpetuum Mobile has proudly sponsored the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, and one of the fruits of this cooperation is the festival's official website.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival
Creating a visually attractive website

The Festival needed a new, visually attractive website that would enable visitors to instantly access all the information they need, as well as the rich multimedia content. The website's editors needed to easily manage all of the content. One of the important goals was for the website to be responsive, i.e. accessible and viewable regardless of the type and size of the device, and to be integrated with social networks through which the Dubrovnik Summer Festival communicates.

Drupal CMS solution

The previous version of the website received awards at prestigious competitions, and was based on the Microsoft .NET platform. As technology evolved, we suggested - and the client accepted -  a migration to the Drupal CMS (Content Management System), which enables the integration of numerous visually attractive types of content, as well as the customization of pages to user requirements. The website is consistent with the visual identity of the Festival, the design is responsive and the web is integrated with social networks. The multimedia content created over the years was used in the creation of a digital monograph, in the production of which Perpetuum Mobile also participated. Special attention was paid to the way in which content is created and managed on the web, which eliminated the problems that appeared in the earlier version.