Digital transformation using Microsoft technology

The real meaning of digital transformation

Behind the "curtain", in the background of what customers, users and business partners of every company and organization see from the outside, there is a lot going on. Raw materials and components are traveling across supply chains and manufactured into finished products. New employees are hired, trained and onboarded to the business. Documents from outside the organization - invoices, purchase orders, contracts and others - are organized in archives so that they can be found and referenced later. All these business processes, and thousands of others, can be better, faster, easier, simpler and more accurate if, instead of Word and Excel documents flying around in emails, digital applications and business solutions are built and implemented. This is the meaning of the expression we often hear - "digital transformation". 

Our job to be our clients' trusted partner in this area. We build, implement and train clients' teams to use digital solutions which support their business processes. Ultimately, we help our clients run their businesses more smoothly and efficiently, supporting their growth and success. 

How do we do it?

Every project starts with a conversation. Our experts and yours will first have a general discussion about what the company needs, after which a project assignment will be set through several joint meetings and workshops. Its most important result is a functional specification, which will serve as a guide for our team and yours. We will jointly prepare the project plan and identify the risks to which we need to pay special attention.

In the final stage of development, the application will be tested, first internally (on our systems) and then on the clients'. Once both of us are satisfied with the functionality and performance, the new solution will go live. 

It's super important to properly train the end users, so we pay special attention to this piece of the project. When everything is ready and the application is up and running, we continue to provide technical support and implement any changes and extensions that might be needed in the future. 
After a well-executed and high-quality project, our users often ask themselves, "How could we have worked without this solution?" We just smile knowingly 😊

How and with what?

Technology isn't here for technology's sake, nor should the usage of the latest solutions be driven by the desire of technical experts to play with shiny new toys. We develop projects to solve the business needs of our users. Still, it's important that our customers know which tools we rely on. 

Perpetuum uses Microsoft technology in our work, primarily the .NET programming environment and the SharePoint platform. Because of our many years of partnering with Microsoft, our extensive experience and numerous successful projects using these tools, our clients can be sure that their business applications will rely on the best software developed by a global leader.